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Red Fort Cruel History Cruel Past
Lahori Gate Lahori Gate
Jharokha in Red Fort Jharokha
Diwan-i-am Diwan-i-am
Khwabgah in Red Fort Khwabgah
Salimgarh in Delhi Salimgarh
Asad Burj in Red Fort Asad Burj
Emperor Shahjahan Shahjahan
Hira Mahal Red Fort Hira Mahal
Imtiaz Mahal Imtiaz Mahal
Khas Mahal Khas Mahal
Red Fort Hammams Hammams
Moti Masjid Moti Masjid
Shah Burj Shah Burj
Rang Mahal in Red Fort Rang Mahal
Threats to Red Fort Threats
Zenana in Red Fort Zenana
Red Fort World Heritage Site UNESCO Site
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Red Fort


Red Fort Red fort in Delhi is counted among some most popular and visited forts of India. It needs no formal introduction but still for sake for Foreigner visitors, we are sharing some quick but valuable information so that while visiting this beautiful fort complex, they will understand it in better way. It is a historic fort, located in north-east of Delhi, on bank of Yamuna river. It was constructed by 5th Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan in year 1639. It was constructed from year 1639 to 1648, in duration of 10 years. Shah Jahan build it with the intention to make it as palace of his fortified capital Shahjahanabad. This name was given to the current Old-Delhi area which includes Chandni Chowk and its nearby areas. Jama Masjid was also part of it. Red Fort was built adjacent to Salimgarh fort which was built by Islam Shah Suri in year 1546. Due to massive structure of Red fort, Salimgarh fort is overlooked and all concentration was diverted towards Red fort. After its construction, series of Mughal emperors stayed here till year 1858 when last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar was put on trial in same fort, by British India forces and later exile him to Rangoon in same year.

Independence Day Celebration

Since its construction, Red fort of Delhi remain a symbol of power and mark of governance. Till year 1858, Mughal Emperors ruled from here. After exiling last Mughal Emperor to Rangoon, British Indian government took over the control and use it as garrison. Since than, a unit of Army remain present here. During that period also, it has been seen with respect and pride. After gaining independence, it was made a tradition that on every Independence day, held on 15th of August, Prime Minister of India hoists Indian flag here and given live address to the nation during which all important high-profile ministers, politicians, school students, foreign delegates, ambassadors etc. remain present here. Live telecast of Prime Minister's speech was telecasted to whole nation. During this time, whole Red Fort was beautifully decorated and remained a central attraction of media.

Places to Visit

From outside, Red Fort seems to be a single unit fortified area with two popular entrance gates i.e. Lahori Gate and Delhi Gate. In between them, Lahori gate is prominently used by visitors. It is open for visitors from sunrise to sunset so by purchasing the entrance ticket, visitors can enter inside the fort and explore its beauty. On entering inside Red fort, we will realize that is a collection of various beautiful heritage attractions which can be explored one by one, with assistance of trained guide. Lets check some of the prominent place to visit in Red fort of Delhi.

Lahori Gate

It is the main entrance gate, used by visitors to enter inside the fort. During rule of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, more bastions were added in this gate to make it look grand. Indepence day celebration is also celebrated at this gate. It contains triple storeyed rooms. The entrance arch is 41 feet hight and 24feet wide..More

Delhi Gate (Entrance Gate)

It is the southern entrance gate of Red fort which seems similar to Lahori gate. Lord Curzon of British India time, did some renovation work on this gate in year 1903.

Chatta Chowk (Covered Street)

Chatta chowk is adjacent to Lahori gate. It is a covered street. Here sellers, artists put their product on display to sell them to imperial family members.

Naubat Khana (Band House)

It is a vaulted arcade with 99 feet long, 68 feet wide and 57 feet high. It is used as a band house where Royal Band used to play, five times in a day, in this lifty hall.

Diwan-i-Am (Hall of Public Audience)

It is the court where public meetings were held. Originally it was enclosed by arcaded cloisters, brilliantly gilt and brightly decorated. Its roof is supported by various columns engrailed with beautiful arches.

Diwan-i-Khas (Hall of Private Audience)

It is connected with Diwan-i-am through passage. The gate on north side of Diwan-i-am leads to innermost court where emperor used to help meetings with his core-group of ministers, high-profile guests etc. Famous Peacock throne is present here.

Nahr-i-Bihisht (Stream of Paradise)

This name was given to the canal which ensures Yamuna river water supply to imperial apartments of fort. It enters into the from from Shah Burj which is in north-east corner of fort.

Mumtaz Mahal (Distinction Palace)

It was originally made as one of the apartment for Royal Princesses. At present, here we can see Archeological museum. During British period it was first used as military prison and later converted into mess.

Moti Masjid (Pearl Mosque)

It was built in year 1659 by mughal emperor Aurangzeb, as his private mosque. Here he use to pay his prayer.

Hammam (Imperial Bathrooms)

Hammam is the private bathrooms used by imperial family members. It is located on the eastern part of fort complex.

Mussamman Burj (Octagonal Tower)

This tower is located on the eastern wall of the bed-chamber of Mughal emperor, used for darshan ceremony. Emperor use to come on the balcony of Burj in dawn to watch the rising sun.

Rang Mahal (Color Palace)

It lies in the south of Khwabagh. It was the place where emperor's wives and mistresses use to spend time. During Shah Jahan rule, Mumtaz Mahal use to stay in this apartment. It was brightly coloured in those days.

Hayat Baksh Bagh (Life Bestowing Garden)

It was the finest garden of the fort complex with beautiful blooming flowers, green plants, running water channels gives impression as if it is the garden of Holy god.

Khwabgah (Bed-chamber)

It is the bed-room of emperor. Facing to Diwan-i-khas, their are three apartments in a row. Their names are Tasbih Khana to praise god, Baithak Khana means drawing-room and Khwabgah means bed-room and is the largest apartment where emperor use to sleep while listening to tales.

Visitor Timing

Red fort complex is open for visitors from Tuesday to Sunday. Their is no fixed visitor timing or we can say that visitor timing of Red fort complex is considered as from sunrise to sunset. With change in seasons, opening and closing timing also changes and sunrise & sunset time changes. Here evening activity is also offered to visitors in name of sound & light show, which helds after sunset. Visitors can enter into the complex by purchasing entrance ticket.



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